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Pathways to Scale

The RSO recognizes the challenge of taking pilot projects directly to Scale to benefit the USAF enterprise.

Our guides to scalable technology solutions

The RSO has developed two Pathways to Scale to guide projects across our Identify, Apply, and Scale process. The two distinct Pathways to Scale allow the RSO to shepherd early Apply projects across the "valley of death" and prepare them for enterprise adoption. The two approaches are known as Summit and Lighthouse. Technology solutions entering either the Summit or Lighthouse Pathway will come from current RSO pipeline projects and external sources as long as they have met technology maturity expectations.

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Summit focuses on expanding the most successful Apply projects to a broader user base. During this effort the RSO navigates the formal technology acquisition system while partner companies focus on collecting real-world feedback and adapting their product to better meet user needs. This user expansion allows for aligning institutional Department of Defense acquisition processes in parallel with iterative design improvements to ensure the best solutions are set up to succeed at the Scale decision.

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Lighthouse seeks to illuminate technology integration opportunities through an innovative pilot-focused on-site optimization. By integrating successful Apply projects at a single location, the Lighthouse initiative seeks to create an ecosystem of Industry 4.0 technologies that generate a multiplicative or exponential impact to performance. The resulting system of systems will provide measurable impacts to operational readiness and act as a blueprint for technology scaling.