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Automation & Robotics

Automation is the process of using machines, computer software, and other technologies to carry tasks that would otherwise need human interaction. Robotics is the process of programming robots to perform physical tasks autonomously or semi-autonomously.

Our Role in Automation & Robotics

We apply automation and robotics to eliminate maintenance tasks that are repetitive, manpower-intensive, or hazardous, making it possible to accomplish these tasks safely and efficiently with a high degree of accuracy.


Robotic Laser Coating Removal System

What is this project

This system uses a powerful laser stripping tool and state-of-the-art robots to remove paint and coatings from aircraft automatically. The system provides a reliable, environmentally friendly alternative to the current chemical, blast media, or hand sanding removal methods.


Plasma Electrolytic De-Paint

What is this Project

We are working with IBC Materials & Technologies to implement fast and environmentally friendly paint removal process based on IBC’s Plasma Electrolytic De-Paint technology that will provide significant time, cost and environmental savings.

Partner Company

IBC Materials & Technologies - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day


Robotics Process Automation

What is this project

We are working with Invoke to develop a software product where bots mimic human interaction with systems and applications through existing user interfaces.

There are many manual and repetitive processes throughout the Air Force, exacerbated by the hundreds of legacy systems in use. Invoke’s Robotics Process Automation solution will not only automate these manual activities, it will digitize this process data, helping to overcome one of the main challenges to implementing artificial intelligence.

Partner Company

Invoke Public Sector - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day


Visual Control Feedback for EOD Robots

What is this project

We are working with C360 to advance the visual control feedback for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots. Notably, this technology will enable better control of unmanned systems – particularly those required upon to operate in congest regions – such as urban landscapes. It will be an ideal technology to augment remote tele-operational control, and the work that we are completing concerning data compression and real-time stream will enable advanced training or over watch efforts for teams on the ground.

Partner Company

C360 Technologies, Inc. - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day


Agile Manufacturing Robot

What is this project

The Air Force spends billions of dollars per year manually drilling out rivets for aircraft repair and inspection. Wilder Systems’ agile manufacturing robot automates the most labor intensive and error prone processes regarding rivet drill out. It uses high precision lasers and computer vision to repeatably locate rivets to thousandths of an inch without deviation from center. This will decrease manual labor costs, increase quality, and increase aircraft uptime by utilizing advanced technologies to reduce total operation time with flawless mechanical precision.

Partner Company

Wilder Systems LLC - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day

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