Rapid & Austere Maintenance Environments

Rapid and austere environments equip Air Force teams to be as fast and mobile as possible. Providing mobile, modular, and rapidly assembled maintenance facilities to accommodate emerging technologies in austere locations directly supports our mission of increasing readiness and reducing sustainment costs.

Our Role in Rapid & Austere Maintenance Environments

We provide Airmen with effective tools, leveraging modern, cross-cutting technologies to reduce the U.S. Air Force’s logistical footprint and enhance mission capability. We want to be the USAF’s leading office for rapidly implementing emerging and solution-oriented technologies in austere environments.


Integrating Solar Cells with Fabrics for Portable Shelters

What is this project

With Pvilion, we are developing a stand-alone, self-powering shelter system that uses solar fabric technology to cool, heat, and power a deployable tent.

Partner Company

Pvilion - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day


Vertical Take-Off and Landing Modification of Small Unmanned Air Vehicle

What is this project

Event 38’s E400 commercial mapping and surveying platform allows surveyors in multiple industries to collect high resolution, high accuracy survey products for areas between 300 and 2,000 acres. This allows the U.S. Air Force to rapidly collect survey data as required for multiple applications.

Partner Company

Event 38 Unmanned Systems Inc - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day


Hybrid Wireless Networks for Flight Line Maintenance & Operations

What is this project

Huckworthy LLC is providing a standardized self-healing wireless data mesh network that can operate anywhere on the flight line.

One maintenance operations officer at Travis Air Force Base told the RSO, “I’m excited about the mesh radios and their capabilities. I see this as our gateway to better tool accountability, virtual forms, and AR/VR for training and troubleshooting.”

Partner Company

Huckworthy LLC - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day

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