Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine or computer program to think and learn. It provides the capability to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence, reducing human effort.

Machine learning is a subset of AI and refers to systems that can learn by themselves when given access to data. With AI and ML technologies, the Air Force can predict and identify the exact issue before it becomes a problem, eliminating the troubleshooting process.

Our Role in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize fleet maintenance, increase aircraft availability, and minimize aircraft downtime.

Our most prominent use of AI is in our Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) program. Employing AI has enabled us to improve maintenance data quality and evaluate large sets of aircraft sensor data and maintenance history to predict component failures. These applications enable our CBM+ program to save thousands of maintenance hours every year.


Condition Based Maintenance Plus

What is this program

CBM+ transforms sustainment data into valuable knowledge about the condition of components on weapon systems, enabling the Air Force to maintain aircraft and assets better to meet mission needs. The ability to make proactive decisions improves the reliability of weapon systems, minimizes unscheduled repairs, synchronizes maintenance actions, reduces mission aborts, decreases maintenance costs, and reduces cycle time. CBM+ puts the USAF in full control of sustainment and logistics operations.


C-5, KC-135, C-130, B-1, F-15E, B-52, C-17, AC-130, MC-130, CV-22, HH-60, MQ-9, ICBM, F-16, RC-135, RQ-4, A-10


Sensor-Based Algorithms

What is this project

Sensor-Based Algorithms uses on-board sensors and algorithms to identify degraded components or systems, enabling the Air Force to predict and identify part failures before it happens, thereby removing the troubleshooting process and eliminating unscheduled maintenance.

Partner Company

PavCon, LLC


Enhanced Reliability Centered Maintenance

What is this project

Enhanced Reliability Centered Maintenance uses historical data and current discrepancies to enable data-driven decisions through component failure forecasting, providing a tool for maintainers to efficiently schedule maintenance.

Partner Company

PavCon, LLC

Prototype Project

Data Quality Solutions

What is this project

We are working with Pandata Tech to identify data quality solutions for processes and equipment that generate a high volume of time series data. Pandata’s Data Quality Method uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically validate and qualify all signals and data that are collected to make maintenance, optimization, automation, and training more reliable. The DQM reduces data professionals’ and subject matter experts’ time and cost by at least 50% in small deployment and has the potential to create savings of at least 85% when deployed at scale throughout an organization.

Partner Company

Pandata Tech - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day

Prototype Project

AI to Identify Bad Actor Parts

What is this project

We are working with to develop a scalable, production-ready commercial enterprise software. This tool will be used to identify “bad actor” parts that have been reconditioned and returned to inventory but do not have any usable life left.’s prototype project seeks to solve the problem of “bad actor” parts by configuring a new Serial Number Tracking module within their existing application, Readiness™.

Partner Company - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day

Focus Area - Artificial-Intelligence-AI-Applied-Project
Prototype Project

Automating Marketing Research

What is this project

We are working with Sustainment to design an encrypted private distributed ledger that contains critical manufacturing codes generated by CAD programs and connects via encrypted P2P protocol via an Internet-of-Things array of 3D modern CNC machines. Sustainment makes the vendor discovery and FAR-based market research process faster, more accurate, and more efficient—leading to DoD cost savings and enhanced supplier networks.

Partner Company

Sustainment Technologies Inc - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day

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