Focus Areas

The RSO identifies emerging technologies, applies and validates them through rapid prototyping and deploys and scales the technology over time. Moving technology from one phase to another is an impressive feat that showcases the rapid deployment of emerging technologies the RSO can achieve.

Our Six Core Areas

The RSO is focused on a set of six core technology areas where emerging and commercial technology solutions have outsized impact on increasing readiness and decreasing costs.

  • Focus-Area-AI

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Employing machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize fleet maintenance and predict and prevent aircraft failure. Learn More

  • Focus-Area-AM

    Advanced Manufacturing Utilizing new manufacturing techniques to upgrade fleets, reduce waste and extend aircraft lifespans. Learn More

  • Focus-Area-A&R

    Automation & Robotics Implementing technology solutions to accelerate maintenance times, reduce manual labor, mitigate health risks and decrease costs. Learn More

  • Focus-Area-Data&DigitalEnvironment

    Data & Digital Environments Using technology to make data more usable with better quality information and more consistency. Learn More

  • Focus-Area-A&R

    Augmented & Virtual Reality Deploying augmented and virtual reality hardware and software to unify geographically-dispersed expertise and accelerate the speed by which people get trained. Learn More

  • Rapid and AME Photo

    Rapid & Austere Maintenance Environments Developing capabilities and providing airmen with emerging technologies that are rapidly deployable to austere locations. Learn More