Building a stronger, more agile and resilient U.S. Air Force through rapid technological change.

RSO Mission

Sustainment is one of the biggest and most complex challenges in modern military history. That’s why the Air Force is assertively pursuing new and innovative ways to optimize sustainment and operations to ensure global strategic advantage, especially in an increasingly complicated security environment.

From robots to fighter jets, the Rapid Sustainment Office is modernizing the Air Force and rebuilding the entire sustainment ecosystem to improve competitive military advantage against global threats and ultimately, protect our nation—today and beyond.

Through collaborative partnerships across business, government and academia, we’re pushing the boundaries on scaling innovative and proven technologies that will make the lives of Airmen safer and their jobs more efficient, reduce costs and increase mission readiness at an accelerated speed.

As the only office in the Air Force focused on sustainment, RSO has spearheaded more than 30 projects since launching in 2018, focusing on six technology areas: artificial intelligence and machine learning, advanced manufacturing, automation and robotics, data and digital environments, augmented and virtual reality, and rapid and austere maintenance environments.


The RSO is working with numerous innovative and talented companies to develop revolutionary sustainment technologies. See for yourself how we are increasing mission readiness by rapidly identifying, applying and scaling technology essential to the operation and sustainment of the U.S Air Force.

  • 2021 Q2

    2021 Q2 Report Advancing pilot technology projects directly to Scale to benefit the Air Force enterprise is no small feat. Learn more about how we are tackling this challenge with our revolutionary Pathways to Scale initiative. Learn more

  • RSO 2021 Q1 Quarterly Report

    2021 Q1 Report Have you ever wondered how legacy Air Force aircraft like the B-52 Stratofortress continue to take to the skies? The answer is simple – sustainment. Learn more

  • 2020 Annual Report

    2020 Annual Report In the face of unprecedented challenges, the RSO seamlessly adapted to carry out its mission. Learn more

  • Q3 Report

    2020 Q3 Report The RSO’s new “Digital Wingman” software program is utilizing automation and robotics to help the USAF streamline processes and drive efficiencies. Learn More

  • 2020Q2-QuarterlyReport

    2020 Q2 Quarterly Report An RSO partnership is taking instant portable power to the next level with the development of rapidly deployable solar-powered structures. Learn More

  • 2020Q1-Quarterly-Report

    2020 Q1 Quarterly Report The RSO’s implementation of Condition Based Maintenance Plus is proving to be a real game-changer for the USAF. Learn More

  • 2019-Annual-Report

    2019 Annual Report The RSO’s inaugural year was full of activity and engagement, yielding many memorable achievements. We are excited to see what 2020 brings! Learn More

  • 2019Q3-Quarterly-Report

    2019 Q3 Quarterly Report The RSO has made huge strides across all of our focus areas, with a major win in Rapid & Austere Environments. Learn More


July 2018

The Secretary of the Air Force tasks the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics and the Commander of Air Force Materiel Command to stand up the Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office.

October 2018

Dr. Will Roper and Lieutenant General Robert D. McMurry Jr., sign the RSO Charter, officially standing up the RSO for implementation.

November 2018

Lt. Gen. Robert D. McMurry Jr., Commander of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, is identified as the first Program Executive Officer for the Rapid Sustainment Office.

December 2018

Initial operating capability is declared; initial technology areas are established (Condition Based Maintenance Plus, Advanced Manufacturing, and Automation & Robotics).

April 2019

Additional technology areas are identified, forming the RSO’s core six focus areas.

November 2019

RSO holds its inaugural Pitch Day in San Francisco.

December 2019

RSO scales CBM+ and Advanced Manufacturing, establishing them as official RSO program offices.

September 2020

Lt. Gen. Shaun Q. Morris assumes command of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and takes over as the Program Executive Officer for the Rapid Sustainment Office.

October 2020

Secretary of the Air Force, Barbara Barrett, directs the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics and the Air Force Materiel Command to retain the RSO as a permanent Air Force organization.

October 2020

The RSO hosts its inaugural Advanced Manufacturing Olympics, a first-of-its-kind free virtual gathering bringing together thought leaders from government, industry, academia and small business to collaborate and solve some of the Air Force’s most pressing sustainment challenges.

January 2021

The RSO relocates to its new innovative headquarters, Hangar 01.

July 2021

RSO hosts its 2021 Pitch Day, the first to be held at Hangar 01.

RSO Leadership Team

Lt. Gen. Shaun Q. Morris
Program Executive Officer

Mr. Rodney Stevens
Deputy Program Executive Officer

Mr. Nicholas Phillips
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. John Hedke
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Jeffrey Morningstar
Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Kimberly Atkinson
Chief Contracting Officer

Mr. Michael Sander
Chief Logistics Officer

Mr. Allen McCormick
Chief Strategic Communications & Engagement

RSO Board of Directors

Ms. Darlene Costello
Acting SAF/AQ

Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr.

Lt. Gen. Warren D. Berry

Lt. Gen. Tom D. Miller

Lt. Gen. Shaun Q. Morris