Data & Digital Environments

Data and digital environment efforts empower automated data collection and enable technologies that will increase flight personnel productivity. The goal is to improve data quality and enable more accurate artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

Our Role in Data & Digital Environments

We are standardizing maintenance and sustainment data collection to serve as a connector of data sources across the U.S. Air Force. Our process is to collect the data, identify what’s useful, turn it into a functional format, and then leverage it to inform smart and proactive decisions.


Digital Work Execution System

What is this project

Many U.S. Air Force flight-line processes are manual paper processes. Beacon Interactive is working on automating USAF flight-line processes to improve data quality in maintenance data systems. The result will be more precise work activities through the digital work execution system and will enable artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly issue remediation during maintenance processes.

Partner Company

Beacon Interactive Systems - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day


Cloud-Based Software Tool for Data Integration and Analytics

What is this project

We are working with Priomatics to develop a cloud-based platform that collects and integrates data from individual pieces of equipment and other components within a facility. The data is analyzed to detect problems within a given operation, and an intuitive user interface guides users on the floor. Priomatics solutions will improve the availability, reliability, and operation and support costs of DoD equipment across their life cycle through optimization of the interface between monitoring and maintenance.

Partner Company

Priomatics Inc. - awarded prototype contract at RSO Pitch Day

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