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Strengthen your advanced manufacturing skills.

Whether you’re a student or a professional, you don’t want to miss the exciting opportunity to gain exclusive access to hands-on learning and training courses. Throughout the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics, registered attendees will be able to take up to five specialized technical and design-focused courses – all for free and at any time.

These on-demand, online courses will be led by skilled and experienced engineers and analysts from the University of Dayton Research Institute: Justen Schaefer, PhD., Senior Materials Engineer; Kurt Westergaard, Research Logistics Analyst; John Bultman, Additive Manufacturing Design Engineer; Kelsey Snively, Additive Manufacturing Design Engineer; and Dan Prindle, Cold Spray Repair Design Engineer.

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Design for Additive Manufacturing – Metal

This course will provide an overview of different metal additive manufacturing technologies with a focus on producing parts with Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM). Topics to be covered include the anatomy of a DMLM printer, the DMLM printing process, materials available in the market, and design best practices.

What You Will Gain

An understanding of the DMLM process and how an EOS M290 printer operates, and the ability to design parts that are printable on an EOS M290 machine.

Design for Additive Manufacturing – Polymer

This course will provide the fundamental competencies needed to operate polymer extrusion printing equipment. Students will receive both equipment and software information on how to use the printers and software. This will help those with limited experience be able to form desktop models, all the way up to large format industrial models.

What You Will Gain

An understanding of best practices when working with AM polymer extrusion techniques including solid model design to enhance buildability, print orientation, and the use of specialized support structures.

Design for Cold Spray

This course will cover the steps of the repair development process including suitability analysis, repair design, cold spray processing, and qualification testing. Additionally, students will be introduced to the currently approved scope of use and the technical data that permits use of cold spray as a repair technology on USAF aircraft components.

What You Will Gain

An understanding of how to conduct a qualified cold spray repair and the steps of developing a new cold spray repair.

Metal Materials for Additive Manufacturing

This course will describe the metals characterization process utilized for additive manufacturing. Inconel 718 will be used as the case study for characterization. We will also cover the key material properties of additive metals such as aluminum, titanium, and steel. We’ll also cover the role of heat treatment in the AM flow path.

What You Will Gain

An understanding of a sample material characterization and the development process to learn how to set up and establish additive manufacturing process flow paths for metal materials.

Additive Manufacturing Facility Requirements

This course will provide the knowledge necessary for planning, ordering and installing of additive manufacturing equipment with an emphasis on the EOS M290 Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) and the Fortus F900 Fused Deposition Melting (FDM) machines. Much of the information learned can be applied to other brands of machines and other additive manufacturing technologies.

What You Will Gain

An understanding of the facility requirements for the USAF standard additive manufacturing equipment.

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